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About JSM Enterprise LLC

JSM Enterprise is a full-service digital marketing agency. We believe in a world where everyone is trying to go viral for 15 minutes of fame, it's the best long-term strategy to focus on purpose over popularity. That's why we focus on using social media, and other digital marketing platforms as community-building tools, leveraging the power of digital content to capture, engage, and convert your target audience.

  • Empower your audience

  • Grow your brand awareness

  • Increase sales

  • Build community


These are just some of the amazing things we can do utilizing today's digital tools. Combining technical skills, knowledge, and creativity we are able to help you establish and grow your online presence, implementing systems that work for you and your small business as it grows.

Content Creator

Meet The Founder

Founded by Simone Mitchem in 2020 JSM Enterprise LLC




Simone Mitchem is the founder of JSM Enterprise LLC based in the DMV area. Simone is a media and digital marketing consultant best known for creating engaging content and helping her clients capture, engage, and empower their audience. 

Simone is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for problem-solving, creating systems, relationship-building, and creating content for the betterment of others. Leveraging her diverse skill set she uses the power of her highly analytical yet creative mind to wow her clients and drives results. 

Simone’s favorite part of consulting is the opportunity to work hand in hand with other small business owners on meaningful projects that empower and uplift her community.

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